Government of Kerala

Functions of the Commission


Following are the functions of the Commission:

  • To evaluate the progress of the development of minorities in the State
  • To enquire and monitor the manner of functioning of various safeguards provided, in the Constitution of India or under any other law or under any order of the Government, for the welfare, protection and empowerment of the minorities in Kerala
  • To enquire into specific complaints about deprivation of social, economic, educational and linguistic rights, safeguards and benefits of the minorities, to bring such matters into the notice of authorities concerned, to suggest remedial measures and to monitor the follow-up actions thereon;
  • To participate in and give creative suggestions on, the planning programmes for the educational, social and economic development of the minorities
  • To make recommendations as to the steps to be taken by the Government for the effective implementation of the measures and safeguards for the educational, social and economic development, welfare and protection of the minorities and to make report to the Government either annually or at such other time, as the Commission may deem fit and to monitor their timely implementation
  • To cause studies to be undertaken into various problems arising out of discrimination towards minorities and recommend measures for their removal
  • To conduct studies, research and analysis and to organize seminars, symposium and awareness classes on the issues relating to social, economic and educational advancement of minorities
  • To suggest appropriate measures to be adopted by the Government in respect of minority
  • To submit report to the Government periodically of specially, on any matter pertaining to minorities, particularly in respect of difficulties being faced by them and their remedial measures
  • To discharge such other functions in relation to the protection, welfare, development and advancement of the minorities, as may be prescribed
  • To take necessary steps to ensure the representation of minorities proportionate to their population in various employment projects and social development projects
  • To ensure the efficient functioning of the law and order system in communal conflict prone areas and to bring lapses to the notice of the Government
  • Any other matter pertaining to minorities, entrusted by the Government