Government of Kerala



1. Who all can give complaints to Kerala State Commission for Minorities? And regarding the complaint are any kinds of fee or court stamps is needed?

Anybody can file complaints to Kerala State Commission for Minorities with regards to State's minority communities like deprivation of constitutional and legal rights. The applicant may or may not be a member from minority community. A complaint written in white paper (Essential number of copies according to the number of opponents) must be submitted in person or by post to Kerala State Commission for Minorities office at Sasthamangalam. There are no fees or stamps needed for filing complaints. One can also use the online facility of KSCM for filing a petition.

2. How to file a complaint?

Complaints can be directly given to the head office at Sasthamangalam or the applicants can directly hand over the complaint during the district-wise sitting held in the nearby town. Or by post to the Registrar, Kerala State Commission for Minorities, Aanjaneya, TC 9/1023(2), Sasthamangalam, Thiruvananthapuram.

Besides these, one can file an online application with KSCM through File your Petition in Minority Commission's official website (). By clicking the “File Your Petition” button, applicants will get an interface for entering the complaints, one can file the complaints as per the instructions and finally click the “Send” button in the page and your complaint will be registered. The file number given during the time of online petition can be used for further procedures/enquiries of the concerned complaint.

3. What are the remedial measures taken by the Commission on a complaint?

The Commission will enquire about the complaint and if it seems relevant and serious further proceedings will be taken by registering those complaints as MCOP's. Rest of the complaints will be forwarded to concerned officials for taking the required actions or will be closed accordingly. Applicants will be informed thereby on the actions taken regarding their complaints.

4. How many copies of complaints have to be submitted?

Copies of complaints will vary according to the number of opponents.